plastic in the deep sea


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A lot of garbage is flowing out to the sea. The amount of garbage that flows out into the sea is increasing year by year, and a lot of garbage is drifting in the sea. Among them, plastic waste accounts for 65.8% of the total, and 150 million tons are drifting in the sea. Moreover, it is estimated that 850 to 950 million tons of plastic waste will be drifting into the sea by 2025. Such plastic trash was also found in the deep sea. So how does plastic waste affect deep-sea fish?

How does plastic waste affect deep-sea fish?

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Plastic waste is extremely likely to be detrimental to deep-sea fish. The reason for this is that many fish eat plastic and die. If you put invisible microplastics in your body, they can accumulate. Moreover, because plastic is not digested, it may damage the body such as the intestines, cause intestinal atresia, and die. It was also found that sea anemones, which cannot live on the soft seabed, live on hard plastic. If you make something that is not in nature a habitat, it may disturb the ecosystem.

Can you get rid of plastic trash in the deep sea?

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At present, it is said that it is impossible to remove it. The reason is that it is extremely difficult to go to the deep sea floor, which is difficult to reach, and to collect garbage, and because microplastics, which are extremely small plastics, are also in the deep sea, it is impossible to collect them both costly and technically.

Is there anything we can do?

of course! Instead of throwing garbage into the sea, you can throw it in a trash can or collect garbage in the sea to delay pollution in the deep sea as much as possible. Also, if the people around you who see it collect the garbage and it spreads, the amount of littering in the sea will gradually decrease.


There is a lot of plastic waste in the deep sea, which is detrimental to deep sea fish. Moreover, the deep sea is polluted because it is impossible to collect garbage with the current technology. Therefore, everyone should collect the trash to reduce the amount of trash that flows into the sea.