four intresting deep sea fish



All of the team member decided one deep sea fish each and researched about it.



The physical condition of the saw shark is about 1.5 meters, and the tip of the saw shark's head is shaped like a saw. The tip of the sawtooth-shaped head is long and flat, with many thorn like teeth on both sides. It is swung around to injure the bait (creature) and stun it, or cut it in half to catch the bait. The main foods of saw sharks, which are the sacrifice of the tip of the head shaped like a saw shark, are small fish, squid, and crustaceans. The method of catching saw sharks is bottom trawling, gillnetting, and longline fishing. Sawfish are similar to sawfish and difficult to distinguish. The main way to distinguish between saw sharks and sawfish is the shape of the saw and the location of the gills. The tip of the sawfish's head is thin and the length of the thorn-like teeth on both sides is different, while the gills are on the sides, while the tip of the head of the sawfish is round and the length of the thorn-like teeth on both sides Is the same and the gills are on the back. A new species of saw shark was discovered in December 2011.

Opisthoteuthis depressa


Opisthoteuthis depressa lives in a deep sea of a depth of around 200m - 1000m and eats small Crustacea such as gammarids. Opisthoteuthis depressa can't move each arm like a common octopus and Opisthoteuthis depressa can't move freely like octopus because higher than half of each arm are covered on a big film and also the size of Opisthoteuthis depressa is about 20cm. Opisthoteuthis depressa doesn't spit ink either. Male of Opisthoteuthis depressa's sucker is ragged and array is irregular. female of Opisthoteuthis depressa's sucker has same size and the array is in a regular place.

Marrus orthocanna

Handwritten(sketches school)

Kind of the pipe jellyfish that Marrus orthocanna belongs to the Marrus orthocanna genus of scientific name Marrus orthocanna. A large number of individuals of a polyp body and the jellyfish body range and are in love and, as well as other pipe jellyfishes, form the complicated armed forces. Marrus orthocanna inhabits the depths in a North Pole-centered sea area, and air sac of the orange has the length on several meters, the tip. A red pipe has the swimming bell part which a transparent swimming bell ranges, and was made. There is a nourishment part in the bottom, and the type of job extends to 50 centimeters. The touch body does not exist in comparison with a kind other than the Marrus orthocanna genus, and it is characteristic that the type of job is approximately honest. In addition, it is the only hermaphroditism by the Marrus orthocanna genus. With two vegetation, it is thought that it is the small Crustacea such as prawns, a krill, the copepod mainly. I stop swimming and I snatch the creature which increases a feeler, and passes and prey. Other ecosystem is not known very well.



Blobfish is a member of the order Scorpionfish and Psychrolutidae, and is a deep-sea fish also known as "Nyudoukajika". Blobfish is the largest of the Psychrolutidae family and grows up to 30 cm. Since it lives in the deep sea, its body is filled with a lot of water. It is made of gelatinous instead of having no muscle at all. Therefore, you can adjust the ups and downs without a swim bladder.